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Oboh and Opon Machine Learning Chat Bot

Quality customer and administrative services are vital to revenue growth of every business and organization. Majority of complaints received daily by Customer Service Support and helpdesk technician focused on customer and administrative services which can be automated. As a result, companies with very large customer size are often spending huge resources on creating a call center and hiring many employees to perform this role. While it is important to have a human resolve this problem, it could be overwhelming solving similar problem for large amount of customer repeatedly. Oboh and Opon Machine Learning chatbots are designed to assist your Customer Service Agent and Helpdesk Technician to resolve customer complaints from the most to the least common enquiries/complaint of a customer through automation.

Oboh and Opon are two in one machine learning chatbot model that works together to automate most customer and administrative tasks thereby reducing amount of labor spent on resolving customer complaint. The bots can be trained with any system based on the company’s policies and procedures and equally have the capability to continuously learn the customer service model of your company and perform exactly as a Customer Service Agent and Helpdesk Agent. Opon engages the customer in a chat conversation to understand the needs and intent of the customer, request for information needed and transfer the execution of the task to Oboh who works at the backend to perform the function in few seconds.

The bots are smart enough to handle account management services and answer all Frequently asked questions of your customers. They have capacity for continuous learning to adjust with new customer service policies and procedures and can be trained for different purposes. What this mean is that customers do not have to wait on a phone call for hours waiting for the next available service agent, or spend hours reading the community forum or long list of FAQs to get answers to their questions and resolve issues. This is a great deal and game changer in providing your customers with best experience. Contact us today for a demo.

Oludare Odewenwa

Information Technology Specialist

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